Ingredients beetroot-and-vodka-dip-and-crispy-soldiers

Serves 4 portions

Caviar 200g
Soldier one:
Puff pastry 350g
Carrots 3 medium
Egg 1 each
Atsina Cress 1 punnet
Salt 1 pinch
Soldier two:
Skin of the filet of cod
Olive oil
Sea salt
Beetroot and vodka dip:
Beetroot puree 100g
Filet of fresh cod 2 medium fillet
Fish stock 50ml
Vodka 1 tbsp.
Nasturtium (zorri cress) 1 punnet
Grape seed oil 100ml
Huckleberry (airelle) 10g
Plain yoghurt 50g
Vene cress ½ punnet
Table salt
White pepper

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